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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ascension and my 21 Dec 2012 by Multidimensional Ocean

Ascension and my 21 Dec 2012 by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi guys,

I am asked by my Higher Self to share a few of my experiences and thoughts with you all. Part of the writing here is coming from me, and part of it comes from my Higher Self. I am asked to no longer make any distinction between these two in my writings in the future.
I first wanted to share with you how my 21st Dec. went. I felt extremely tired for the 21st, 22d and 23d of December. Looking back at those 3 days, I really needed some 4 or 5 hours of extra sleep in comparison with my usual 5 or 6 hours sleep per night, bringing me to some 10 to 11 hours sleep per day, which doubled my sleep routine over those 3 days.
The fatigue seems to be a common pattern for many of us according to some articles and comments that I have read and also according to the survey I have done on my blog.
Ascension Poll Results:

As a matter of interest 4 days after the survey was posted, out of almost 300 people who replied to the survey on Multidimensional Ocean concerning how Ascension went for them, over 29.53 % replied that they have found the experience tiring.
23.83% have said that it was a wonderful, very enlightening experience on a personal level.
Interestingly just over 5 % said that they have ascended on the 21st Dec.
Finally just fewer than 33 % said that no change was felt inside or outside for them and 8.72% clicked on “other”.
The results can be viewed here, by clicking on View Results:
My 3 Days of Fatigue/ “Darkness” after the 21st Dec.
As a matter of fact my experiencing extreme tiredness is perhaps what was meant by the “3 days of darkness”. I have certainly experienced much fatigue and have slept much longer than usual. I have also felt a need for isolation.
During this rejuvenating prolonged sleep, I was literally unable to get out of bed for a few hours, but I could also feel I was being worked on at a very deep level. Whether this was a natural process or whether the Galactics have been working on my body, I can not know for sure.
Of course, I was entirely unable to channel during these 3 days, so I am sorry for not having been able to post any channel or any of my personal experiences as much as some of you would have liked. I have pretty much been off line for these 3 days, and have not even read my email backlog yet. I have enjoyed spending these 3 days with my partner, my friends and my pet. I needed total rest and relaxation.
What I am certain of, however, is the extreme feeling of closeness I have felt with my twin flame, but also with my family and relatives on Earth, who live some 2,000 km away from me. I could feel their presence and love during my sleep in a way I have certainly never felt before during my sleep. It was a unique and magic experience for me I have to say! It was very possibly an experience preparing me for Ascension at the very least.
I have made contact with 6 UFOs over Christmas
On Christmas Eve I have also seen, with my partner, 6 huge orange orbs or rather UFOs above our housing estate, just at midnight. I have in fact managed to interact with them, and I have to say that I have never seen so many UFOs so close to me in my entire life. For more details, please read my short description of the event here:
Concerning Ascension, I believe that we are doing very well. We are now waiting for the critical mass to take effect on our planet, in order that the vast majority of us can ascend and bring Mother Earth along with us.
Therefore if you are one of the 33% who have felt no change inside or outside during the 21st Dec, I would recommend not to worry about it too much, not to disappear, not to give into depression, or anger. It will happen to you if it is in your life plan I am sure of it, once the critical mass has been reached. You will be carried along with the rest of us with the wave bringing Mother Earth into 5D on a permanent basis.
I have also made a youtube video for you, as I know that some of you prefer to hear me, rather than read me J … and I so enjoy making videos! Here is the link for it:
When will this take place?
It will take place once enough of us have ascended individually by our own means, if you are like me, this will involve working in spiritual groups for most of your life. The energies around the 21st Dec have given us extra impetus to that effect. Once enough of us have ascended in order to reach the critical point, Global Ascension will take immediate effect.
Remember please that the 21st was a portal opening for us. We have now to go through that portal or door as a united consciousness.
So it looks like we still have plenty of opportunities for Ascension and nothing has been lost even if you feel no different than a week ago.
What would help work towards Ascension?
1- What I feel would help many of us, is to experience the emotional state in which one is. I believe this is the main reason why our Galactic friends are leaving us to our own devices so far, in order to fully taste for ourselves, as it were, what stage we are at, and to grasp what is required in order to complete Ascension.
Of course, they also wish to allow us to spend quality time with our family and friends over this Christmas period, but also they wanted us to have time alone in order to absorb fully the incoming energies from our Galactic Centre. We needed much time in order to fully “digest” these entirely new energies for us.
2- Working on our own spiritual needs would also help on so many levels. Of course Ascension is an internal process, which will ultimately manifest in the outer world.
3- Seeing our own manifestations and ego would also help. This can be a subtle inner loving guidance, in which nothing other than “seeing” is required.
4- Take time off line, meditate, do physical work or exercise, and avoid confrontations, as we are all very sensitive during this transitory period.
What Now?
Well in actual fact I have only taken it upon myself to channel until the 21st of December 2012. So I expect that this will be respected from above, as it has been so far.
I believe I will still receive messages from my Higher Self, who I am in contact with much throughout the day.
I also intend to do more writing, in which I will include messages from higher consciousness and other Galactic Ascended beings. However, I will no longer mention their name, nor present my writing as channelled messages for the best part.
I will likely ask SaLuSa to connect with me a few times during the year and invite him to give me any messages that he wishes of course for others than for me.
As we have reached my deadline for channelling (21st Dec 2012), I am going to put on hold the Aurora dreamflights.

The main mission has been accomplished a few weeks ago, it was a mission involving participating in avoiding war from exploding in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. The results of that mission were manifested upon our planet almost instantly and for that I will always be extremely grateful to all of those who have participated in Aurora dreamflights, for that mission in particular.
I am reassured by Adrial and Aurora that they will work with the crew directly during the dreamflights. The work we will be involved in as crew is too sensitive for being openly discussed in public on the internet in posts or in comments as a general rule.
So I am sure we will all keep the wonderful dreamflight experiences for our hearts and I have also invited people in a previous post to create their own community if they wish to remain in contact.
Auroradreamflights2.0 will remain open and the comments will remain open also if people need to communicate something important or if the Galactics need to convey a message to the crew through the blog.
I send all my thanks and gratitude to the Aurora ground crew. The experience of the dreamflights has exceeded all my expectations I have to say. I will, however, remove everybody from the Auroradreamflights original blog (no longer in use for weeks), and delete that blog after I retrieve my messages from it in the coming days.
You are all of course invited to my other blogs also! J
Much love to Dolly, roew and Nick, Jean-Pierre, Tao, Kiku, Sammy, Suzan, Bonnie, Ana, Suzie, Michael, Julia, Konstantinos, Dreamwalker, Michael déjà vu, Bill, Frank, galacticlighthouse, tammy, Gabriel, Mirrarose, Betty, Marcel, Elizabeth, lightfrequency, maurition, deva, Dorian, Willow, Miranda, Rojeanne, Gloria, Warpdrivefactor10, helloteke, Spiritvincenzo, futurdiluce, jon (jallsup), sthwing, pvf714, adam, akjordan, d2912, ykeus, ddone, joeigo, miguel, sassy, leslee, chris, Alyssa, melinda, shadowindwolf, maris, suzanah, jekete, martin, tauno, merkaba22, thetimeisnow2012, dagger, Bianca, Vicky, johnfromglf, and many, many other.
The total of people who were involved in this project was over 300 people. I am sorry for being unable to name you all, but I also know that some of you prefer to remain anonymous.
A huge thank you to every single one of you for your time, your patience with me, your guidance and your questions from me and from Aurora, Adrial and SaLuSa.. I have learnt very much from you all online and off line, as well as in the higher realms and during our missions.
Much love to everybody and to the Aurora dreamflights crew!
Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

13:12:2012 -- What Do We Mean by “Choice” to Ascend or Not.

What Do We Mean by “Choice” to Ascend or Not. Message from my Higher Self by Multidimensional Ocean – 13 Dec 2012.

Dear readers,

We, of the higher realms wish to welcome you all among the higher vibrations of the light. Energies of light penetrate easier now through the thick density of the 3D world. Therefore, it is now easier than ever to activate your inner shiny light and radiate it like a lighthouse does on foggy nights to direct ships into safe waters.
Much confusion and pain on Earth creation. Much judgements, hash words still are present. We wish to remind you all on this day that inner peace begins with bringing balance, order and harmony into your own life.
You all have your own learning journey to resume still. The road remains long for many of Earth beings who still remain focused on the illusion of the outer world.
You will know the real world, when you will be able to look at it from the light within.
Many of you are concerned now about their own “choice” regarding Ascension. The choice we speak of is not on the ordinary level. It is not of the same order as “will I go to the shop now, or will I go later?” The choice we speak of is much deeper than that.
In order to understand what “choice” you have at this point in time, you must learn to hear your inner voice, that is your real voice, which connects to your own Higher Self.
This inner voice can only be heard when one is at peace within. When the inner and outer storms have calmed down. When one is connected to all that is and can see the larger picture.
When one has reached this level of sincerity, one always receives help in one form or another. The trick is to be able to follow the guidance you will receive, to recognise it, and to remain in contact with your inner light continuously.
Sit in silence; listen to the inner light within your body more often than not. Bring your attention back to your daily life, away from mind games and distractions, and you will be connected with the eternal love of God, of Love and of Source.
Blessings into all your lives.
We welcome you always.

Message from my Higher Self, by Laura / Multidimensional Ocean
Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title,  is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:   and

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dearest Laura,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dearest Laura,

Dearest Laura,

Wishing you a wonderful birthday, I here convey the wish of any of us, specially me:

To have a nice coffee with you and to share ideas, concepts and laugh with you.
All that means precious moments to be treasured forever.

On behalf of all our  Translator Group

Many happy returns of this splendid day, together with your loved ones.

With very much Love

Sunday, November 25, 2012

23:11:2012 - SaLuSa Speaks of the Mission and of the Akashic Records

SaLuSa Speaks of the Mission and of the Akashic Records – Auroradreamflights Update – Channeled by Multidimensional Ocean 23 Nov. 2012


Beloved friends, we have always told you that Earth was a training ground for souls. Now more than ever you come to understand what we mean by that. Keep in mind that all that is being uncovered is for the highest good. All is coming into the obvious sight in these last days before the sacred heart connect with the divine for Mother Earth.

What this mean is that the days ahead will offer even more opportunities for the light to shine on Mother Earth from now on with the new portal opening at these very moments.
Remember that when light is turned on in a room, all becomes seen by all. So please remember to look into your own soul and heart before rushing to be critical of others. If you need to point something out to somebody, please always connect with your sincere Higher feelings and relate to the person before you point out in a direction where you feel something may have been misunderstood.
While on the higher planes we enjoy telepathy, empathy, connection to source, please do remember that on Mother Earth this has not taken place ordinarily for the vast majority of people without hard, life long, sincere spiritual work. Divine sight is neither natural nor common under normal circumstances on Mother Earth, due to many blockage within your DNA.
The last act of the sleep stage for humanity is playing itself out right now, and the inner considering that people have about themselves and others are spread to international conflicts when these happen with head of States.
This coming Saturday’s mission for Aurora will be centred on the topic of heart connection. The commonly spread idea is that the connection with your heart is simple and easily accessed by all. However, when in grip of ordinary life and events of daily life, it is easy to forget who you all really are. You are all divine beings, experiencing Mother Earth’s ascension and you have volunteered to help humanity on Earth become free of oppression and illusion.
We will give the opportunity to many of you to literally experience your rivals’ life for a few brief moments. You will be able, if you wish to try this exercise, to feel and hear what those you have little regards for are experiencing. This has for aim to bring a little more humility during these confrontational days ahead.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the victims of the STASI were allowed to view their own records and to meet with the ones who have literally ruined their lives at times. The country has going through these major transformational changes, and the same process is about to unfold world wide, for you all with the help of divine powers and advanced technology. You will be able to have access to your own Akashic records and the records of the ones who have injured you in previous lives.
This will be a very emotional time unfolding during the weekend for many of you, so please ensure to be kind to yourself and to those with you during the coming week.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and send my continuous love to Mother Earth and to her inhabitants as the light is constantly increasing its intensity. We are always by your side, you are never alone. The love of our Creator is always by your side, as well as your guardian angels and protectors. We always keep you in our heart and admire your courage for all eternity.
Thank you
Channeler: Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean
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Monday, November 19, 2012

19:11:2012 -- “On 21St Dec 2012”, from Captain Bashir, Commander of Aurora. Message channeled by Multidimensional Ocean.

“On 21St Dec 2012”, from Captain Bashir, Commander of Aurora. Message channeled by Multidimensional Ocean.

Dear Earthlings and dear Crew!

We rejoice today in thanking you for your love and grace in being part of our blessed crew. We thank you for your assistance in our missions. The missions the Aurora crew is taking part are all sacred and ordained from above.
As member of the crew, you are being targeted more than once by the cabal’s last agents. You need to be aware of this fact, as the cabal is trying everything to prevent Earth’s Ascension and in particular the Galactic incarnated beings. Their tactics are divide and conquer, which is a tactic that they use to create wars and divide families.
We urge you to remain strong, as incarnated Galactic beings, your coming together, on a blog such as AuroraDreamflight has been and is continually attracting the cabal’s attention. This is the reason why we have requested of Multidimensional Ocean to make her blog private.
We ask you to respect the confidentiality guidelines in the future, concerning your crew’s comments as well as the messages received from us. You know our regular sources, to whom we give messages, and we encourage you to continue following these sources.
On another note, I wanted to personally congratulate the team on the extra-ordinary work you have done during the dreamflight of Saturday last.
Although many of you do not recall what has been going on, I wanted to reassure you that our mission was an entire success. As a result, many lightworkers are taking action in trying to put an end to the war between Israel and Gaza. We are particularly sensitive to this topic, as this matter concerns civilian population and also children.
We are very eager to see peace successful on Gaia. The energies of 21st December 2012 will allow you to lift your awareness levels. We expect that for a good part of that magic day, many of you will live an amazing uplifting experience.
We see much love projected towards that very day, we anticipate a wonderful uplifting atmosphere. The energies of the day are expected to be enough to raise your level of consciousness.
We have been monitoring your exchanges on the blog, and we wish to tell you that we have the best hopes for humanity and for Mother Earth for that day. Keep an open mind concerning all possibilities and please do not allow fears to permeate into your mind concerning the success of the day.
We strongly desire that the entire planet will remain in the 5th dimensional realm permanently from the 21 st Dec. on. Already many cabal agents are unable to stand the light levels on Gaia and have left in great numbers. They are still, however, trying their best to infiltrate the human consciousness from the 4th Dimension through channlers and also through methods of fear upon lightworkers.
We send you all our continuous love. We continue to monitor all your daily interactions and keep a cloak of love over you.
Please remain focused on peace and on your inner light. Commander Bashir, Aurora Commander.
Message channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Saturday, November 17, 2012

16:11:2012 -- SaLuSa on the Middle East - English, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi

Message from SaLuSa on the Middle East – 16 Nov 2012:

SaLuSa: “Dear crew members, we are soon approaching 2013. The year is fast coming to an end. With that in mind, the cabal is racing to make the boat rock before Planetary Ascension and to lower Earth’s energies vibrations in anger, revenge, fear, hate, and mass murders. The cabal will try everything to rock the boat and prevent Earth’s Ascension.
What we see now developing in the Middle East is a result of their resolve to lower the loving and peace vibrations, which have been travelling fast around the globe for the past couple of weeks.
You must not allow the flow of negativity into your heart, you must observe the situation, but please do not allow your selves to have your emotions pulled into taking sides into this conflict.
Remember that Ascension requires for you to have the ability to distance yourself from dramas unfolding and to be impartial. There is much karma to be resolved between both parties of the newly started conflict.
The people of these zones are being used by the cabal and are being manipulated into hatred of the portrayed hereditary enemy.
What has been behind the conflict in Jerusalem, is far beyond the imaginable and pre-dates any officially recorded historical episodes.
The conflict is likely to escalade and spill to other nations, who also have hidden interests in Jerusalem and particularly in the Dome.
Do not allow yourselves to go into fear mode. Know that your power is immense and the power of love is even greater. Although the situation looks at its worse right now from so many perspectives, know that this a created and planned situation by the cabal to ensure the spread of negative vibrations on Earth’s surface.
In order to overcome the challenges ahead, in the remaining few weeks, the Earth’s population will need to unite and awaken from the slumber it has carefully been engineered.
The pain and suffering of those in the war zone should not leave you indifferent, by all means. We do encourage you to send loving thought, prayers, and help any practical way end the war in the Middle East. However ensure that you are not taking sides and are not judging those who are the mere puppets of the cabal.
We send our love and light to you all as usual, and wish to assure you that you have a very important part to play in Mother Earth’s final Ascension Chapter, dear ones. This remains to be discovered by many of you yet.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure you that we keep monitoring the situation on your planet, as well as dealing with much of the loss taking place right now. Our part to play, as Ascended Masters, is to serve the divine. Although we understand that the divine’s way is often difficult to understand at times like these for many of incarnated souls.
Thank you , SaLuSa
Channel: Laura / Multidimensional Ocean.


פורסם על ידי LAURA ב-16 בנובמבר 2012

SaLuSa : "חברי צוות יקרים, אנו מתקרבים לשנת 2013. השנה מגיעה לסופה במהירות. בהתחשב בעובדה זו, קנונית האופל משתתפת במרוץ כדי לטלטל את הספינה[1] לפני ההתעלות הפלנטרית ולהנמיך את אנרגיות הרטט של כדור הארץ בגין כעס, נקמה, פחד, שנאה ורצח המונים. קנונית האופל תנסה כל דבר כדי לטלטל את הספינה ולמנוע את התעלות כדור הארץ.

מה שאנו רואים עכשיו מתפתח במזרח התיכון הינו תוצאה של החלטתם הנחושה להנמיך את רטטי האהבה והשלום, אשר נעו ברחבי העולם בשבועות האחרונים.

אתם חייבים לא לאפשר את זרימת השליליות לתוך ליבכם, אתם חייבים לבחון את המצב, אבל בבקשה, אל תאפשרו לעצמי שלכם לגרום לכך שרגשותיכם יגררו אתכם לנקוט עמדה בסכסוך זה.

זכרו שההתעלות דורשת שתהיה לכם את היכולת לשמור מרחק מדרמות שמתפתחות ולהיות הוגנים. ישנה קארמה רבה שצריכה להיפתר בין שני הצדדים לסכסוך שהחל לאחרונה.

קנונית האופל השתמשה באנשים הגרים באזורים אלה אשר נוצלו כדי לשנוא את האויב המצטייר כתורשתי.
מה שעומד מאחורי הסכסוך בירושלים, הוא הרבה מעבר לאפיזודות היסטוריות כלשהן שנרשמו באופן רשמי שניתן להעלותן על הדעת והתרחשו מראש.

סביר כי העימות יסלים ויגלוש לאומות אחרות, אשר גם להן יש אינטרסים נסתרים בירושלים ובעיקר בכיפת הסלע.
אל תאפשרו לעצמכם להיכנס למצב של פחד. דעו שכוחכם עצום וכוח האהבה אפילו גדול עוד יותר. אף על פי שמנקודות מבט רבות המצב גרוע במיוחד ממש עכשיו, דעו שזה מצב שנוצר ותוכנן על ידי קנונית האופל כדי להבטיח את הפצת הרטטים השליליים על פני שטח כדור הארץ.

על מנת להתגבר על האתגרים שלפניכם, ביתרת השבועות הקרובים, אוכלוסיית כדור הארץ תצטרך להתאחד ולהתעורר מהתנומה שתוכננה בקפידה.

בוודאי שהכאב והסבל של אלה באזור המלחמה לא צריך להשאיר אתכם אדישים. אנו מעודדים אתכם לשלוח מחשבה אוהבת, תפילות וסיוע בכל דרך מעשית כדי לסיים את המלחמה במזרח התיכון. אולם, וודאו שאתם לא נוקטים עמדה ואתם לא שופטים את אלה שמהווים רק בובות(מריונטות) של קנונית האופל.

אנו שולחים לכם את אהבתנו ואת האור שלנו, לכולכם כרגיל, ומבקשים להבטיח לכם, יקיריי, שיש לכם חלק מאוד חשוב לשחק בפרק ההתעלות הסופי של אמא כדור הארץ. עם זאת, זה עדיין לא התגלה על ידי רבים מכם.

אני SaLuSa מסיריוס, מבטיח לכם שאנו ממשיכים לפקח על המצב בפלנטה שלכם, וכן מתמודדים עם האובדן הרב שמתרחש ממש עכשיו. חלקנו במשחק, כמאסטרים נעלים, הוא לשרת את האל. אף על פי כן אנו מבינים שדרך האלוהות היא לעיתים קרובות קשה להבנה בזמנים כמו אלה עבור רבים מהנשמות שהתגלמו.

תודה לך, SaLuSa.

תוקשר על ידי : Laura/Multidimensional Ocean
תורגם על ידי: Gili.


رسالة من سالوسة  حول الشرق الأوسط 16 نوفمبر 2012

سالوسة  "الأخوة الكرام أعضاء الطاقم، نحن نقترب سريعا من 2013. نهاية العام قادمة بسرعة. مع أخذ ذلك في الاعتبار، العصابة تتسابق لخلق المشاكل قبل صعود الكوكب  من اجل الخفض من طاقات اهتزازات الارض بالغضب ، الانتقام، الخوف، الكراهية، والقتل الجماعي. إن العصابة تحاول كل شيء من اجل منع صعود الأرض.

ما نراه الآن في الشرق الأوسط هو نتيجة لتصميمهم على خفض اهتزازات المحبة والسلام، التي تم نشرهم بسرعة  كبيرة في جميع أنحاء العالم الأسابيع الماضية.

يجب عدم السماح للمشاعرالسلبية ان تتدفق في قلبك، عليك مراقبة الوضع، ولكن من فضلك لا تسمح لنفسك ان تدفع عواطفك  في اتخاذ الجانبين في هذا الصراع.

تذكر أن الصعود يتطلب منك ان تكون لك القدرة على إبعاد نفسك من الأعمال الدرامية التي تتكشف وأن تكون محايدا. هناك الكثير من الكرمة التي يجب حلها للصراع الحديث بين الطرفين.

يتم استخدام الناس لهذه المناطق من قبل العصابة ويتم التلاعب في كراهية العدو الوراثي المصور.
ما وراء الصراع في القدس، هو أبعد بكثيرمما تتخيل و من قبل تواريخ  كل الحلقات التاريخية المسجلة رسميا.

الصراع من المرجح أن يمتد الى دول الأخرى، الذين لديهم مصالح خفية أيضا في القدس وخاصة في قبة القدس .

لا تسمح لنفسك للانتقال إلى وضع الخوف. اعلم أن الطاقة الخاصة بك هائلة وقوة الحب هي أكبر. على الرغم من أن الوضع يبدو سيئا الان من وجهات نظر عديدة، . اعلم أن هذا الأمر خلق وخطط له من قبل العصابة لضمان انتشار الاهتزازات السلبية على سطح الأرض.

من أجل التغلب على التحديات المقبلة، في الأسابيع القليلة المتبقية، سكان الأرض يحتاجون إلى التوحيد والإفاقة من النوم الدي قد هندسة بعناية.

الألم والمعاناة الموجودة في منطقة الحرب يجب ان لا تجعلك غيرمبال، وبكل الوسائل. نحن نشجعك أن ترسل المحبة، والدعاء، وتساعد باي طريقة عملية لنهاية الحرب في الشرق الأوسط. ومع ذلك تاكد بان لا تتخذ الجانبين وعدم الحكم على أولئك الذين هم مجرد دمى للعصابة.

نرسل حبنا والنورلكم جميعا كالعادة، وأود أن أؤكد لكم أن لديكم جزء مهم جدا تلعبونه في فصل صعود الأرض الأم النهائي، أعزائي. هذا لا يزال لم يتم اكتشافه من قبل الكثيرين منكم حتى الان.

أنا سالوسة من سيريوس، وأؤكد لكم أننا نراقب حالة كوكبكم، وكذلك التعامل مع الكثير من الخسائر التي تحدث في الوقت الحالي. ومهمتنا، كمعلين حكماء، هي خدمة الإلهية. على الرغم من أننا ندرك أن الطريق الإلهي هو في كثير من الأحيان من الصعب فهمه في مثل هذه الأوقات من طرف النفوس المتجسد.

شكرا سالوسا

Channel: Laura / Multidimensional Ocean

Mounir  ترجمت: منير

Wake Up, Live Wise And Light.


سالوسا  ۲۶  آبان  ۱۳۹۱

اعضای عزیز کرو ، ما بزودی ولرد سال ۲۰۱۳ خواهیم شد. سال موجود بسرعت در شرف پایان است. با این اندیشه ، حاکمان جهانخوار (Cabal) بشدت در تلاشند قبل ار عروج کامل کره زمین ، این کشتی را به صخره کوبیده (کنایه از متوقف کردن روند عروج است) با ایجاد خشم ، انتقام ، ترس ، نفرت و کشتارهای جمعی ، ارتعاشات انرژی کره زمین را کاهش دهند.  حاکمان جهانخوار از هیچ کاری برای زدن این کشتی به صخره کوتاهی نخواهند کرد.

آنچه که ما می بینیم در خاورمیانه در حال گسترش است ، نتیجه تصمیمات آنها برای کاهش ارتعاشات عشق و صلح است ، که بسرعت در حال گردش در اطراف کره زمین طی حدود دو هفته گذشته بود.

شما نباید جریان انرژی منفی را به قلب خود راه دهید ، شما باید شاهد قضایا باشید ولی لطفابخودتان اجازه ندهید که احساسات شما را به طرفداری از هر یک از طرفین ایندرگیری بکشاندبیاد داشته باشید که برای عروج باید توان اینرا داشته باشید که خود رااز موارد درام و غم افزایی که در حال شکل گرفتن است دور و بی طرفی را رعایت کنید. کارمای زیادی بین دو طرف اختلافاتی که بتازگی آغاز گردیده پاک و زدوده خواهد شد.

مردم این مناطق بوسیله حاکمان جهانخوار (Cabal) مورد سوٌاستفاده قرار گرفته و به عمد به نفرتی که ترسیم کننده دشمنی دیرین از اعصار گذشته است کشیده شده اند. 
سبب این اختلافات در اورشلیم ، بسی فراتر از آنست که قابل تصور بوده و به روزگار پیش از هرگونه نگارش رسمی تاریخ بازمی گردد.
این اختلافات احتمالا" شکل عمیقتری یافته و به دیگر مللی که علاقمندیهای پنهان به اورشلیم و بخصوص گنبد دارند ، سرایت خواهد کرد. 

بخودتان اجازه ندهید که به دامان ترس و هراس بیافتید. بدانید که نیروی شما بس عظیم است و نیروی عشق بسی عظیم تر. هرچند اوضاع از بسیاری زوایا در بدترین شکل خود بنظر می رسد ، بدانید این شرایط بوسیله حاکمان جهانخوار (Cabal) با هدف گسترش انرژی منفی روی سطح کره زمین طراحی و ایجاد شده است. 
برای پیروزی بر چالشهای پیش روی ، طی چند هفته باقیمانده ، مردم بیشتری باید از خوابی که به دقت برایشان طراحی شده بیدار شده بیکدیگر به پیوندند.

شما نباید بی تفاوت نسبت به درد و رنج آنهایی که در مناطق جنگی هستند باشید. برایشان دعا کرده و انرژی مثبت عاشق گونه ارسال دارید و هر طریق دیگری از این دست. و بهیچ وجه از هیچ یک از طرفهای درگیر پشتیبانی نکرده ، درباره آنهایی که چون عروسکهای خیمه شب بازی در دست حاکمان جهانخوار (Cabal) هستند نیز قضاوت نکنید. 

ما عشق و نور وجود خود را چون همیشه بر شما می تابانیم ، و مایلیم به شما عزیزان اطمینان دهیم که در بخش پایانی عروج مادرمان کره زمین ، شما نقش بسیار مهمی دارید که ایفا نمایید. این مهم هنوز باید بوسیله عده زیادی کشف شود.

من سالوسا از کره سایروس به شما اطمینان می دهم که ما شرایط روی کره شما را تحت نظر داشته و نیز در حال سامان دادن به خیل باختهایی که در حال وقوعند هستیم. نقش ما به عنوان راهنمایان عروج ، خدمت به خداوند است. هرچند می دانیم که درک روشهای الهی اغلب برای بسیاری از آنهایی که در جسمی (بدن) حلول کرده اند کمی مشکل است. 

با تشکر - سالوسا

Translator: Behi



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