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Friday, August 24, 2012


Aurora Update for 25 Aug 2012 



Greetings from Adrial and Aurora! We are here, on Aurora, with many of souls who know and love you dearly. We would like to talk about the 25th August dreamflight.

We are glad to report that our ground crew is almost entirely reunited at this stage, and we can feel the power of your strength when you work together across the space and time as you do now.

The dimension you live in is beginning to become lighter in a way. Many of you and of the Earthlings have cleared so much negative emotions from your past by now. You may find yourself being weaker than usual, and almost vulnerable. Please don’t feel embarrassed when you need to shed some tears, as this is a normal process of the cleansing journey needed for the remainder of your journey on Mother Gaia.

Do not feel fear at the thought of what lies ahead of you, because what is only beginning to unfold is just the start of your metamorphosis into the light being that you are meant to be. Do not feel nervous when you are discovering new unsuspected abilities, such as astral travel and telepathic connect with all at once.

We are aware that many people on your planet feel constant anxiety, are unhappy in an unfulfilling job, feel useless, and would like to participate a lot more than they can in the unraveling of the light into your dimension. Please be aware that at this time what matters  most is your desire to fulfill your destiny. By fulfilling this, you are walking the path which you are meant to be traveling on. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you feel in a difficult position. Help always comes in various forms, and new opportunities will come your way constantly.

What you must bear in mind is that whatever vibrations you send out into what you call your real world, will come back directly in your direction. We know that many of you know this with your head already, however, what is needed now is that you to be able to come closer to your heart, and feel it. Know it with your heart, feel it in every fiber of your body.

As part of our Aurora crew, you have always had extra capabilities in comparison to other children, while you were growing up. Now you will soon reconnect with the part of yourself that can See, Do, Feel, and manifest freely all the love needed to help this planet and her inhabitants through this amazing journey upwards towards brighter light. Soon you will surprise yourself by seeing how much more power you hold within your hands. Don’t forget that your hands are directed connected to your heart.

This coming Saturday will be an important step towards developing your skills of manifesting, and we will begin 5D classes in manifesting joy, love and the pleasure of feeling part of Creators’ plan for this quadrant of the galaxy. We are very proud of you, and admire your work of becoming the light for those around you once again.

Do not have high expectations; do not make demands on yourself or on others please. Remember that all comes from the heart and goes into the others’ heart. Give and receive in humility, peace and compassion. Learn to forgive if you feel disappointed and thank Creator for giving you such a challenge (smiles and giggles).

We look forward to being with you on board the ships, where you will also spend time together, and also with your friends from Aurora. Some of you will have visitors from their home world, and others will need more time with their twin discussing various aspects of what remains to clear from karma.

Much love and peace in your heart from Aurora and Adrial.

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean/Laura


Note from the channeler: Copy rights reserved, if you wish to republish this message, please email me at

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Message from Source by Multidimensional Ocean


I would like to share with you the feeling and informations I have received this morning during my preparation for the day meditation.

First never believe that you are alone, lost or that nobody cares about what will happen to humans, planet Earth and to you in particular.

You all have personal angels, and guardian protectors assigned to your own person, these people watch over us day and night, they tend to keep us from harm’s way, by being able to transmit certain feelings and impressions to us. For instance, when it is best to avoid a person, you would find it impossible to speak to them for a multitude of reasons. There is no coincidence there.

The other part of the message received was that we are constantly receiving upgrades at this time, and some of us find it difficult to adjust, difficult to deal with the strength of energies beaming down on us from the galactic center.

Some of you may feel dizziness, or need to take your time thinking things through, or perform actions in a slower manner than usual.

It is of course highly recommended to focus during your day on remaining grounded, so perhaps sit for a few minutes on the hour, just enjoying the sun, the light, and incoming energies sustaining and feeding your soul, as it were.
This pace will increase more and more, until after 2014, and the energies will still remain quite strong until 2016. We will still be riding the wave as it were in 2016.

Although by then, these higher energies will be fully integrated into your DNA and into your higher bodies or chakras.

Humans will return to a much higher level of existence, with some of us evolving very rapidly to our divine state. Human evolution will take on a hyperbolic curve and very little of our human bodies now will remain recognizable by then. We will return to our natural state of energy, light and love.

Many of you will have your consciousness transferred onto other bodies, perhaps even onto your original bodies. Many of the civilizations out around your planet, orbiting and observing your transformation have star seeds implanted on planet Earth at this time. These star seeds will be allowed returning home to their families in their human bodies, in their light bodies, in their original bodies, or in their cloned bodies.

Many civilizations are using what you call cloning here, in order to extend their lives, until such time when they feel their contribution is no longer necessary on their home planet and to their families. In that case, the being simply lets go of his or her body and returns to Mother Source, which is like an ocean of swirling full of life and energy. All life comes from Source, and shall return to it. Then, when that entity chooses to incarnate again, they take up a new host body which is created for that being and is tailored to receive the new soul. This body will allow the light seed or star seed to develop and grow again, in order to learn new things, which will be brought back and shared with Source.

Incarnation is a normal process, which usually takes place consciously, it takes place in a denser density, which humans from planet Earth perceive as solid matter. Various planets and beings host diverse frequencies, diverse densities, which in turn have their own vibrational rate and manifestation power.

Thank you for reading the messages given to me during my morning preparation. It is a bran new dawn, bran new beginnings, enjoy manifesting your dreams into reality, and never forget that nothing is too difficult for you to manifest. Don’t forget the power of your heart, don’t forget your divine origin, which is eluding us daily, while we are experiencing the ups and downs of the denser density, which we call the material world.

More and more of us, from now on will walk this Earth consciously, with our eyes open, we will be able to perceive beyond the veil of dimensions. We will see spirits from all realms gradually. The speed of such a development, integrating Source here on Earth reality will depend on our own abilities of comprehension, but with our own level of being and love. This will be a performed in a balanced way, so it is important that we learn to become balanced in our daily life. Again, time and love is necessary.

Thank you for your time.

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean/Laura





Expectations and Creators within us

I found myself expecting quite a lot from my friends, and mostly from me today. I wonder what part of me feels it is entitled to expect, or to demand from another anything? This life seems to have little meaning when caught up in the rat race, without any quality of life.

Sometimes, I can find time to just take the moment as it comes,
to accept what is given, to just be and letting go of my attachements. When I experience this state of being in the now, I can honestly not see an end to the endless, unconditional beauty and love of our creator. Embracing us all, and I so enjoy being part of this creating energy.

Some other times, I am been caught up in my planning, worrying, and doing, without retaining much of the possibilities offered by my divine nature. When I feel this way, everything else is being cut off from me. All that remains is the struggle of experiencing matter under my denser aspect. I am pushing, shovling, and forcing things to be done.

What seems relevant for me right now, is to find a sense of balance. A sense of equilibrium, a middle ground, from where I can do and be at the same time, if only for a few heart beats during my day. With body tensions, comes all sorts of negative emotions and tensions, which can ultimately go into anger if not reined in.

Can I remain with what is, can I take in all the world has to offer and keep it for my heart? Can I remember my sense of weight, my breath gently caressing my lungs? Can I observe my thoughts and feelings? Can I just be and fly?

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean/Laura




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