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Sunday, March 1, 2015

English -- SaLuSa -- Common Ancestry by Multidimensional Ocean

SaLuSa 1st March 2015 – Common Ancestry by Multidimensional Ocean



Eons ago Sirians and Humans were one and the same civilization. We lived on a planet far from your solar system, a planet located in the Sirius B stellar constellation. This planet no longer exists, it has been destroyed by negative beings, who could only see their own material gains. When we rose against their control of our part of the galaxy, they decided to annihilate us, as an example for any civilizations willing to rise against that empire.

We have learnt to survive as a race, and civilization in time. We found allies on various planets, and our long parted family from other planets welcomed those who had no longer a planet to go back to.

Given the fact that we were a space-travelling civilization already, we were able to spread and to re-join with our brothers and sisters who then already had settled on other planets and galaxies.

Many civilizations made room for us, with no questions asked. It was enough for them to know what had happened to our misfortunate mother planet.

In time, after many genetic crossings, we have parted ways, our genes diverged more and more. Nonetheless, our spirit is the same and one.

As you can see dear ones, our destinies are intertwined, your faith is linked to our own faith. We are one and the same soul, there is no need to fear us, we wish to help you as much as we are allowed to.

I fully trust that the time will come when we will be re-united as one galactic civilization, with no ruler other than consciousness to guide us.

Thank you, SaLuSa
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean.

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